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    Before becoming a director, JP3 director Joe Johnston had a long career as art director on several films, including the Star Wars trilogy, where he helped give designs a 'worn-out look'.
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    Jurassic Park 4
    By Rexjaws

    An Allosaurus carcass lay motionless on a white and sandy beach. People marvel at it's great size. Reporters rush in and try to get a scoop on this find.
    The reporters fight against each other, trying to get interviews. Millions watch around the world, on every news station. As this unfold an old man sat in bed watching this in great horror, while watching this he pick up the phone and started to dial...

    Universal Pictures
    And Amblin Entertainment

    A Rexjaws Production

    "Jurassic Park IV"

    Los Angeles. Eric McConvey and Johnathon Adam, with Ian Malcolm walk into a bar. Ian sat down and let the Boys flirt with the girls. Ian had not have a descent night sleep, ever since what he saw on the news. Ian look at his watch
    "Alan is not here yet", He snorted.
    Malcolm sigh. And took a drink out of his cup. He tap the table with his fingers in frustration. "God damn it"
    Mlcolm thought he ought to give him five more minutes. Alan Grant walk in the bar with Billy looking frustrated as well, He sit down with Ian and started to discuss on the Allosaur.
    "So well, nothing on how it die," Ian asked.
    "No", Grant said.
    They look bothered, while discussing the topic. A cell phone rang. Malcolm answered. Malcolm faced turn to shock as if he seen a ghost. Alan look concerned.
    "What's wrong", Alan asked.
    Malcolm hang up.
    "Get the boys ",he said.
    "We got a date with the old man", Ian Said.
    In the air, on a American Airlines, Ian and Alan discuss more on the Allosaur.. Ian didn't thought much about it, he thought more about why Hammond wanted to see them. It better not be going on the island. Alan wonder also, being that he has not seen the old man in 10 years. Alan look at the boys who seem to be getting along well. Alan sat back to relax.
    "Wake me when we get there", He told Ian.

    1/5/02 4:36:31 PM

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